Power Flush



Kamco Power flush is the most cost effective alternative to a new central heating system.

Power flushing your system for just £360 cleans all pipes and radiators of sludge, rust and corrosion. giving it a new lease of life, totally transforming its heat output and saving you the cost of a new central heating system or boiler.

Powerflush is now recommended by all the national suppliers of gas and electricity as an essential way to ensure efficiency. However they normally charge twice our costs for the same service.

Many central heating systems, particularly if they are not newly installed, will be suffering from a build up of scale, rust or sludge, significantly reducing their efficiency and costing significantly more to run because it is not running as efficiently as it should.

D. Graham and Son Ltd have been fully trained and certified to use the Kamco Power flush CF90 Quantum Pump Low Pressure System throughout Scotland, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde. To thoroughly clean your complete central heating system, throughout the house, using specialist powerflushing chemicals to remove even the most stubborn corrosion or scale deposits in all pipes and radiators.

MagnaClean Filter

By also adding a MagnaClean Filter after Powerflushing you further extend the efficiency for your central heating system. Working like an oil filter on a car it can be easily opened to remove the build of scale, rust and sludge to help prevent your system deteriorating further and leading to total break down.

MagnaClean Filters are supplied by us as accredited Ayrshire Plumbers


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